Friday, July 31, 2009

italia, day 2


Slow Trenitalia local train, filled with boy scouts (apparently the time when they all come out to camp in the woods).

Picked up by Ken, Gina and Fausto at the stazione, staying at Fausto's farm, where his Mom has all our meals scheduled for the next few days.

Swimming at Porto Nuovo, by the Torre, where we met Fausto's moglie, Elena. Aperitivo at the garden overlooking the sea at Hotel Emilia, where we bumped into my friends Umberto and Gemma, who will be joining us in the next few days.

Back in the farm for some home cooking, last night's frito misto leftovers specially for me, and carbonara (decision for dinner decided by my telling them about Cacia e Pepe).

Stayed up watching the "hunchback moon" (can't remember the Italian term) rising over the farm.

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