Saturday, March 28, 2009

san francisco, day 1

Took public transportation, BART and cable car, from airport to hotel, to force myself into the city's daily grind. 

Avoided Fisherman's Wharf like the plague, at least for today. Hotel is a block away from the madness.

Took the #30 hoping to get to Chinatown, got lost somewhere on Market, walked miles to find cable car, somehow wound up on Grant, discovered a hole in the wall called Sam Wo, arguably the best chicken/salted fish rice I've ever had, and found out the place is frequented by Berkeley students (hence the hip, young Asian crowd). See pic below.

Took the F to Castro, got incredibly bored, hopped on back on the F. If SF is the "gayest city in the world," does that mean it sets the standard for gay stereotypes? Castro: case in point.

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